UNH 67: List-O-Mania: Satan Onscreen


This week on UNH, Mark and Becky go up against the Devil in a LIST-O-MANIA episode covering their top five, and worst three, depictions of Satan onscreen. We have plenty of feedback from the fine folks in the Facebook group, as well as an audio segment from Herman Louw, host of the Longbox of Darkness, a podcast dedicated to horror comics and their filmic adaptations, in which he talks about the comic anthology Devil Tales. You can check out Longbox of Darkness here: https://itunes.apple.com/tw/podcast/the-longbox-of-darkness/id1261931218?mt=2.

Thanks to everyone who suggested this episode and contributed, and just to quickly add that these are just our favourites – we will definitely be returning to the topic in more detail in due course!

Until then, we have one question: have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?

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UNH 66: Videodrome


Becky and Mark took a turn in the VIDEODROME this week, where they discussed recent watches. These included: questioning the mythology of the series, but still declaring endless love for HIGHLANDER III: THE MAGICIAN; rating the docudrama miniseries LORE, based on the popular folklore podcast by Aaron Mehnke; commenting on the rules and regulations of SCREAM 1, 2, and 3; situating THE DUNWICH HORROR between classic and modern examples of the genre; talking briefly about MINDHUNTER, the behavioural science television show based on the book by John Douglas; musings that the pre-code ISLAND OF LOST SOULS would make an excellent double feature with THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME; discussing the 60s television series AQUARIUS, which weaves a fictional story around historical events and characters, including Charles Manson and his ‘family’; thoughts on the first half of the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY television series; and Mark rounding things off with TMI about problematic patriarchy in DIRTY WEEKEND.

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UNH 65: Stranger Things

On this episode, we discuss the Netflix original horror/sci-fi series, Stranger Things. This series brings the 80’s back and is so big that we had to cover both season 1 and 2! So strap in and prepare for spoilers galore as we enter the Upside Down… que Carpenter music here.

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UNH 64: Tobe Hooper

This week, we remember the life and career of one of the masters of horror, Tobe Hooper. We’ll discuss his well-known titles and a few lesser ones.

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UNH 63: IT vs. IT vs. IT

Kingology and the United Nations of Horror come together to present a very special episode. It’s a good old-fashioned Mexican standoff—that’s right, it’s Stephen King’s IT (the original book) vs. IT (1990’s miniseries) vs. IT (2017 film)! First off, Mark Cain and Rebecca Booth will discuss the book. Then Lucard Dragomir joins in as we compare both the miniseries and the new 2017 film.

Mentions made of a great article by Erin Miskell about ‘that scene’ from IT. Yes, that scene. You can find the article here: Virgin Sacrifice: It, Bev and the Infamous Sewer Scene by Erin Miskell.

And remember, you’ll float too!

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