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UNH 30: Frailty

UNH heads down to the deep South in the United States to take a look at at FRAILTY (2001), the psychological / supernatural thriller directed by and starring Bill Paxton, and also starring Matthew McConnaughey and Powers Boothe. Becky, Mike, … Continue reading

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UNH 29: Hellraiser Special [Part 2]

Oh the suffering…! Back in episode 12 we took a detailed look at Hellraiser. But this time around Mark, Matt and Mike were the only ones willing to delve even deeper into the utter dark depths of hell. In this episode, we will be … Continue reading

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Action Zone Vol. 1: Captain America Civil War

Here at UNH, even though the team don’t got time to bleed, we’re obsessed with talking about film; you’d be right in saying that it makes our day. So much, in fact, that we’ve decided our discussion can’t be contained … Continue reading

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