UNH 44: Mark Cain


Today, In the Authors Studio, we have our very own Mark Cain in the hotseat, talking about his latest book: X-Files Episode By Episode: Season 1.

The episodic guide is a love letter to the first series of the X-Files, exploring the cultural influences upon the themes of the show and the central relationship between Mulder and Scully.

The book developed from Mark’s X-Files X-Philes podcast, part of his The Good, The Bad, and The Odd podcast series, and listeners can find all of the episodes here: http://www.thegoodthebadandtheodd.com/category/xfilesxphiles/.

X-Files Episode By Episode: Season 1 will be free as part of a festive promotion from 20 to 24 December 2016 and, along with links to Mark’s other books (which are also free during this period), can be found at:

The truth is out there – and so is Mark’s book. You know you want to believe…

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