Supernatural: The Winchester Journals – Episode 2

UNH is back on the road for the second episode of our SUPERNATURAL podcast, THE WINCHESTER JOURNALS, in which we cover episode two of season one: WENDIGO.

In addition to the episode, we talk in detail about the titular terror that is the wendigo, a cannibalistic creature from Algonquian folklore said to haunt the northern forests of the United States and Canada in our HITS AND MYTHS segment. Here, we track mentions of the creature in popular culture, from Algernon Blackwood’s short story THE WENDIGO (1910), to Larry Fessenden’s film WENDIGO (2001), and even the PS4 game, UNTIL DAWN (2015)…

If you have any comments about SUPERNATURAL season one that you’d like us to include in the show, please be in touch! You can comment below or send written or audio feedback in via

Happy Camping, hunters. ^_~

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