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UNH 55 – List-o-Mania: Prequels

This week, Mark, Becky and Lucard take a stroll down the dreaded path of film that is known as the prequel. Insert your favourite Star Wars meme here, sit back and relax as we rattle our brains to come up … Continue reading

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UNH 54: Lake Placid

UNHers! Pack your giant cans of RAID and your feminine napkins to join Lucard, Mike, and Becky as they take a scenic trip to LAKE PLACID (1999). Heads will roll, everyone’s a comedian (sarcastic), and a sweet old lady will … Continue reading

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Action Zone Vol. 6: Lethal Weapon

“I’m too old for this shit,” said no one ever here at the United Nations of Horror. That’s right, we’re sitting down for another testosterone filled episode with a cop who is too old for this shit and his partner … Continue reading

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UNH 53: The Hidden

An alien parasite is possessing humans and on a crime spree in LA. He just killed twelve people, wounded twenty-three more, stole six cars – most of them Ferraris – robbed eight banks, six supermarkets, four jewelry stores and a … Continue reading

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