UNH 53: The Hidden

An alien parasite is possessing humans and on a crime spree in LA. He just killed twelve people, wounded twenty-three more, stole six cars – most of them Ferraris – robbed eight banks, six supermarkets, four jewelry stores and a candy shop. Now the fun starts…

This week on the United Nations of Horror: Jack Sholder’s sci-fi horror-fest THE HIDDEN (1987). Starring the brilliant Kyle Maclachlan, with his otherworldly perfect hair, and Michael ‘NCIS’ Nouri as the two men tasked with hunting the evil creature WITH FLAMETHROWERS, this is sci-fi action at its best.

In addition to an overview of what we’ve been watching, we also touch on works with a similar theme, namely the recent sci-fi/Lovecraftian comic series from Dark Horse Comics, WEIRD DETECTIVE, and I COME IN PEACE / DARK ANGEL (1990), starring the unearthly magnificence that is Dooollllpppppph. ❤ It’s a sci-fi hunk fest…

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