UNH 56: The Forest

This week on UNH Mark, Becky and Lucard travel to Japan to visit Aokigahara (the suicide forest) and discuss  The Forest (2016) in-depth. Does the film pay homage to Japanese film and culture? We also discuss what we’ve been watching (and playing), including: Mansion of Madness V2 (the board games), Afterlife Investigations, The Skole Experiment, Shin Godzilla, Penny Dreadful season 1 and 2, and Jess Franco’s Dracula’s Daughter.

As mentioned in the show, please be sure to also check out Becky’s amazing article examining the film over at Diabolique titled The Americanization of Aokigahara: The Forest. Also, be sure to read Erin Miskell’s epic article at The Backseat Driver Reviews titled: Is The Forest Guilty of Cultural Appropriation? A Debate.

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