UNH 66: Videodrome


Becky and Mark took a turn in the VIDEODROME this week, where they discussed recent watches. These included: questioning the mythology of the series, but still declaring endless love for HIGHLANDER III: THE MAGICIAN; rating the docudrama miniseries LORE, based on the popular folklore podcast by Aaron Mehnke; commenting on the rules and regulations of SCREAM 1, 2, and 3; situating THE DUNWICH HORROR between classic and modern examples of the genre; talking briefly about MINDHUNTER, the behavioural science television show based on the book by John Douglas; musings that the pre-code ISLAND OF LOST SOULS would make an excellent double feature with THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME; discussing the 60s television series AQUARIUS, which weaves a fictional story around historical events and characters, including Charles Manson and his ‘family’; thoughts on the first half of the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY television series; and Mark rounding things off with TMI about problematic patriarchy in DIRTY WEEKEND.

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