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UNH isn’t the only great horror movie podcast out there! Be sure to check out some of our good friends as well as other websites we think you might enjoy.

    • The Good, The Bad and The Odd: Our very own Mark’s fantastic The Good, The Bad and The Odd podcast, in which hosts Mark and Sam, sometimes with guests, discuss films, TV, video games, books, comics, graphic novels, websites, and other podcasts (as well as other stuff too). The Kingology series in particular, in which the hosts make their way through Stephen King’s books and adaptations in chronological order, is a brilliant listen
    • Not in a Creepy Way: Join brothers Eric, Drew and Jason Anderson as they talk movie from the great white North. There are lots of fun laughs and great insight to be had but don’t worry, it’s It’s Not in a Creepy Way!
    • TV. TERROR: Anthony Rotolo tackles horror and thriller in his awesome podcast.
    • Evil Ed: Our very own, lovely Dia introduces his podcast Evil Ed, which reunites contributors of the original fanzine in the 1980s.
    • The Last Horrorcast: Your hosts and writers, Scott, Doug, and our very own Dia share in a lifelong love of the horror genre and aim to bring meaningful and intelligent insight to each and every review.
    • Dark Discussions:  A podcast dedicated to horror movies and fiction.
    • True Murder: Hosted by journalist and author Dan Zupanksy, who interviews true crime authors about their books, invites Mark Hewitt onto the show to talk about his book, CHARLES MANSON BEHIND BARS, which covers Manson’s life and includes recent interviews with him in prison.
    • Dan Stout’s Podcast Catalogue: We also wanted to share writer and UNH contributor Dan’s Stout’s fantastic podcast list!
    • The Backseat Driver: Do you like movies? Our good friend Erin Miskell likes movies! She writes in-depth about them (lots of horror) in her awesome blog. Be sure to check it out!

Non-horror Links:

  • Giant Bomb: Do you like video games? We do too! Great podcasts, videos, articles and more.
  • Anime Addicts Anonymous: A weekly anime podcast dedicated to one thing: Making your anime addiction worse!
  • Treks in Sci-Fi: Get your sci-fi fix with Rico and friends each week. Discussion include Star Trek, Star Wars, current television and more!
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