UNH 61: List-o-Mania – Sci-Fi Horror

This time on UNH, we travel warp speed to a galaxy far, far away in search of movies… sci-fi horror movies that is! We’ll count down our worst and best in search of the truth, because you know, it’s out there… somewhere.

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UNH 60 – Carry On Munsters [COTODH]

On this episode we return to visit the Children of the Old Dark House with a double feature horrody comma! That’s right, it’s two for one this episode! We’ll start off with Munsters Go Home in vivid technicolor. Herman, Lilly Grandpa, Eddie and Marlyn are heading to jolly England… California-style, that is. Then, we’ll roar with laughter as we Carry on Screaming from delight.

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UNH 59 – List-o-Mania: Werewolves

The legend of the Lycanthrope is vast throughout human history. This week, UNH presents another fun-filled List-o-Mania episodes where we discuss our top best and worst werewolf films. We’ve got lots of wonderful feedback from you, our listeners, this week. What are some your top best and worst werewolf films? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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UNH 58: The Lords of Salem

This week, UNH travels to Salem, Massachusetts as we discuss Rob Zombie’s THE LORDS OF SALEM (2013). We explore the film’s interpretation of historical events, its cinematic influences, and its effectiveness in blending these elements with a commentary on addiction.

We’ve been waiting for you, listeners. Always waiting… So, put on a fresh pot of tea, darlings, and listen to The Fools of UNH. ?


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UNH 57 – Special: Twin Peaks

This week on UNH – Mark and Becky – the main hosts on the podcast The Twin Peaks Log talk about what they like about this classic series Twin Peaks; one of the homes of TV Horror in the early 90s. We have a fair bit of feedback from the regulars at the United Nations of Horror Facebook Group as well.

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