UNH 64: Tobe Hooper

This week, we remember the life and career of one of the masters of horror, Tobe Hooper. We’ll discuss his well-known titles and a few lesser ones.

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UNH 63: IT vs. IT vs. IT

Kingology and the United Nations of Horror come together to present a very special episode. It’s a good old-fashioned Mexican standoff—that’s right, it’s Stephen King’s IT (the original book) vs. IT (1990’s miniseries) vs. IT (2017 film)! First off, Mark Cain and Rebecca Booth will discuss the book. Then Lucard Dragomir joins in as we compare both the miniseries and the new 2017 film.

Mentions made of a great article by Erin Miskell about ‘that scene’ from IT. Yes, that scene. You can find the article here: Virgin Sacrifice: It, Bev and the Infamous Sewer Scene by Erin Miskell.

And remember, you’ll float too!

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UNH 62: Videodrome

What have we been watching? I’m glad you asked because this episode of UNH will focus on exactly that. We’ll talk about everything from ghosts to heroes and much more!

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UNH 61: List-o-Mania – Sci-Fi Horror

This time on UNH, we travel warp speed to a galaxy far, far away in search of movies… sci-fi horror movies that is! We’ll count down our worst and best in search of the truth, because you know, it’s out there… somewhere.

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UNH 60 – Carry On Munsters [COTODH]

On this episode we return to visit the Children of the Old Dark House with a double feature horrody comma! That’s right, it’s two for one this episode! We’ll start off with Munsters Go Home in vivid technicolor. Herman, Lilly Grandpa, Eddie and Marlyn are heading to jolly England… California-style, that is. Then, we’ll roar with laughter as we Carry on Screaming from delight.

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