[UNH] Thunderdome

Ladies and gents, welcome to the THUNDERDOME! Lucard, Mark and Becky battled it out to crown the title of WORST HORROR FILM, IN SPPAAAAACCCCCCEEE!!

Your contestants:

  • DRACULA 3000 (2004)

Duelling across ten categories, the team chose an overall winner—however the decision ultimate rests with UNH listeners. Who wins? You decide…

As always, thank you for listening!

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[UNH] Videodrome

Join us for another Videodrome episode, as Mark and Becky discuss what we’ve been watching, including: The Shape of Water (2017); Cold Skin (2017); The Poltergeist Diaries (2015); Tragedy Girls (2017); Happy Death Day (2017); Double Date (2017); Patchwork (2017); Ash vs Evil Dead (s3); Penny Dreadful (series and comics); Veronica (2017); The Crucifixion (2017); and Wither (2012).

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[UNH] Horror Endings – List-o-Mania

Hey brother! UNH is back with another List-o-Mania! We’re countin’ down to the best and worst horror movie endings. So, watcha gonna do when the U-N-H and L-o-M runs wild on on you, brother?!

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[UNH] Kronos vs. Cronos

This is the MAIN EVENT! It is scheduled for one fall! Hailing from England: CAPTAIN KRONOS – VAMPIRE HUNTER (1974)! The opponent, from Mexico: CRONOS (1993)! Who will live? Who will triumph? Only one thing is for sure, it’s time to get it on!

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[UNH] Friday Franchise: Friday the 13th (1980) and Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981)

Due to scheduling conflicts, the HORROR COMICS: PART TWO special episode will be released next month. We’ve therefore decided to release the most recent Patreon episode to all listeners (with the approval of our lovely subscribers) this month. This gives us a chance to catch up with the normal schedule, and also provides an insight into Patreon shows.

We hope you enjoy a little summer trip to Camp Crystal Lake with us. In the first edition of our Friday Franchise series, we explore FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980) and FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART TWO (1981), making science out of coincidence and asking who wore the short shorts best…

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[UNH] The Ritual

This month, UNH delves deep into the woodland horror of THE RITUAL (2017), an adaptation of Adam Nevill’s study in claustrophobic, psychological and abject terror. Join us on a hike through modern horror, PTSD, Pagan folklore, and creature design. Just remember to stick to the path, this ain’t no fairytale…

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[UNH] Horror Comics Special

Part one of our HORROR COMICS special is a retrospective on the best offerings from 2017, preceded by an overview of the history of horror comics. Lucard and Rebecca were very lucky to be joined by special guest, comic expert and all around nice guy, Herman Louw of The Longbox of Darkness – a podcast dedicated to horror comics.

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[UNH] Videodrome

Mark, Becky and Lucard return with another Videodrome! We’ll discuss some of the latest and greatest in horror. Titles include:

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1
  • The Shallows (2016)
  • Ash vs. Evil Dead
  • Blood on Satan’s Claw (audible audiodrama)
  • 47 metres down
  • Hush
  • Quatermass Xperiment (1955)
  • Mom and Dad
  • Beserk: Golden Age Arc 2 – The Battle for Doldrey (anime)
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[UNH] The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This week the UNH crew heads down the morgue to conduct the Autopsy of Jane Doe; a mysterious body that begs us to discover her answers. Will we find them or does something far more sinister lurk beneath the skin?

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[UNH] A Christmas Horror Story



As Christmas joy and laughter fades, let UNH help keep the Christmas spirit alive a little longer as Mark and Lucard talk about A Christmas Horror Story (2015). Ever wanted to see William Shatner slowly getting merrier and merrier? Spooky nuns up to no good (there is no such thing as a bad movie with nuns, after all…)? Watch Santa take on a horde of zombie elves, and Krampus himself? See a terrible, dysfunctional family unveil the true horror of Christmas? Then this might just be the movie (currently on Netflix) for you. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


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